Tristar Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Payments & Loyalty Services

Digital payment solutions that enable your everyday life

More than a third of all payments are made on a mobile device, but the business world hasn’t kept up. 50% of enterprise payments are still made by paper check. Digital Payment Solutions from Tristar speeds payments, reduces costs and improves security — on one digital platform.

Tristar establishes, enables and drives payments. While we are “payment agnostic” –– meaning we can expertly handle all types of payments, including paper-based ones –– our focus is on helping our clients create and offer digital payment channels for their customers, scheduling those payments, and helping them gain better control over payments that are due to them.

With digital payments, you can simply pay or receive an amount over the internet connection. The most attractive thing about the digital transaction is, it is very easy and simple to manage the transactions without any hassle. You don’t need to stand in long queues in order to make the payments to your clients or employees.


World class security, strong consumer protections and fraud detection systems.


Simple, fast solutions that enable you to manage your own money digitally.


Widespread acceptance at hundreds of thousands of merchants across India.


All our products and solutions are 100% RBI Compliant.

Employee incentive programs are very rewarding

Satisfied employees perform better as they are much more likely to promote your brand in a positive manner, both inside and outside of the office. This generally translates into word-of-mouth marketing – the best kind of marketing. Happy employees are less likely to leave, which keeps turnover low and will save you money on training costs and errors. Gaining employee loyalty and boosting employee morale is easy with Loyalty Program.

Like the carrot at the end of the stick, a reward promised when a goal is met keeps employees focused on the end game. Tristar is an expert in developing reward programs that achieve corporate goals while keeping on budget. Consumer reward and incentive programs for employees are proven to drive success when integrated into the culture of a company.

Recognition is the employee engagement power tool. Unlike a trophy or pre-determined bonus – spontaneous recognition for great work isn’t something that an employee can anticipate. It sends a message to an employee that the work they’re doing is something that they should do more of. It builds a connection between the people giving and receiving recognition. It can build meaning and show an employee their impact. Supporting that recognition with small employee rewards amplifies the power of both rewards and recognition.