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Pest Control

Fast Response, Dependable, Reliable -We help you knock out Pests from every corner.

In our fast running life, we need some space to breath & rest for a while. At the same time population of the pests is also increasing due to uncertain climatic changes. These conditions are favorable to these pests, which results into breach into our peace. There are several pests like Cockroaches, Bed bugs, rats, flies, mosquitoes, termite, mites & borers which are directly or indirectly causing loss to our health & belongings. We often suffer due to diseases like dengue, malaria, leptospirosis & salmonellosis etc. Itching, irritation & sleeplessness affect our efficiency. Sometime we come across embarrassing situation in front of guests due to pests.

Termite is silent feeder which badly damage wooden articles, valuable documents & expensive clothing. Rodents are main culprit of grain loss in storage. Human blood is readily available food for bed bugs & mosquitoes Pest control is part of sanitation & hygiene, which helps to control epidemic.

We deal into

Cockroach, spider and Ant treatment
General Treatment
Termite Treatment
Bed bugs Treatment

Wood Borer Treatment
Mosquitos Management
Fly Management
Honey Bee Management

Our Process

Inspection and Monitoring

We know how frustrating and even frightening discovering pests inside your home or office space can be. As soon as you call us, we will immediately schedule one of our licensed pest control experts to visit your property. A thorough inspection might even reveal pests you are not aware of. Ongoing monitoring will determine the level of infestation and the type of pest present.

Pest Identification

Whether an insect, animal, or weed Our Professionals are trained to identify all types of unwanted guests. Identification makes controlling it easier and more effective. A mistake in identification can lead to improper control tactics that cost time and money.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Proper care is taken to ensure that quality service is provided. A number of variables are taken into consideration before action is taken and possible outcomes are discussed.

Client Education

Our pest professionals will be more than happy to provide you with resources and information to implement pest-preventative practices and recognizing future infestations.

Recommendations of Integrated Pest Management Methods & Techniques

All methods for treating pests are done in an effective and environmentally friendly approach. Discussing your situation and possible control methods helps ensure the safety of your family, pets and employees. We offer the most reliable and least disruptive solutions we can depending on the pests we find.

Treatment and Documentation

Different pests require different treatment methods and several methods may be being utilized to achieve proper control. At the conclusion of your services you will be provided with an accurate, up-to-date report of all findings and chemical applications.


After we provide a treatment we will follow up to make sure that the treatments are effective and that you are satisfied with the services you’ve received. We are happy to work with you to schedule follow-up visits and do further treatments as needed.

We stand by our services with dependable methods of pest treatment. We aim to provide the most effective pest solution for your situation and are always ready to return if there are problems down the road. Our Services are cost effective, time saving and we promise to give 100 percent satisfaction to our client.