Tristar Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Facility Services

Complete solutions for integrated facility management

Tristar Facility Services is a full spectrum Integrated Facilities Management company. We provide world class service to the local markets. Our founding business principal is think local act global. We provide cutting edge and latest facility management services to our clients. We are modernising the facilities and workplace management industry through innovation and providing valuable services by making our team an extension of your business. There are certain traits that are imbibed in our core culture, setting us apart from the competition.

“There are practical little things in housekeeping which no man really understands as much as TriStar does”

Our Basket of Services :

Tristar Facility Services takes the hard work out of managing your business facility. We deliver the right combination of people and resources to meet your needs and ensure your asset is protected and maintained to the highest possible standards. We have extensive experience in facility management. No matter the size of your business or property, at Tristar we have the relative experience and ability to ensure it is managed to the highest standards.

From scheduled or emergency maintenance works to daily cleaning, waste disposal and any security requirements, Tristar ensures that your building and facilities run efficiently. At Tristar we take cleaning seriously, we train our cleaners to meet the health and safety compliance requirements for a range of sectors. We deliver cleaning for clients both large and small across different industries. We offer a range of general cleaning services such as cleaning for apartment or office complexes, public venue cleaning, bus and train shelter cleaning, janitor services, industrial floor scrubbing and much more.

The company has a hands-on and efficient property management team with years of experience in the routine maintenance and facility management verticals. Currently the company manages residential properties as well as most of the commercial properties. Tristar follows best practices to ensure that our residents at our residential properties and employees of companies at our commercial developments are accorded the best comfort and experience.

The services rendered security, housekeeping, transportation, equipment maintenance, fire protection, landscaping, pest control and fit out insurance amongst other maintenance activities. Tristar’s property management services enables us to provide maximum value and capital appreciation for our properties.

Creating the ultimate workplace experience for employees is a great way to attract and retain talent. Time and again, our surveys and research reinforce the value employees place on catering and how important it is for them to have access to an inspiring and welcoming cafeteria where they can select meals from a range of menu options, which are healthy, offer variety, meet special dietary needs and provide well-balanced, nutritional benefits to keep them energised and refreshed during their day.

Offering outstanding dining options on-site is one way you can make your workplace particularly attractive. At the same time, you need your on-site dining program to be cost effective. Our catering solutions are tailored to your needs and are designed to engage employees while delivering a healthy bottom line that adds value to your business.